Ecommerce is encountering an upsurge and the present scenario has led online businesses to make use of software that might allow merchants to develop the websites. Most of the online retailers are opting for Magento versions but however, they get confused while choosing the best for their business. This article is going to give you an idea regarding the basic difference between two versions of the Magento.

Have a Look at the Community Edition

The Magento community is an old version of Magento. With the help of this version, anyone who intends to open online stores can download it and operate it. If you are a beginner in the field of ecommerce platform then you should definitely use it for building your eCommerce business. Magento community is a free source and so it can be modified as per the demands of the users.

Know About the Enterprise Version

This new edition of Magento is an extended wing of the old version. It is paid version and is equipped with some advanced features that were nowhere to be found in the earlier version. Magento enterprise development has let ecommerce retailers operate their websites in a more customised manner. It often happens that merchants who are working on a wider platform find it difficult to handle their huge customer base with few customised options on community version. If you operate through bigger stores then the enterprise is the best option as it has some security and product enhancement features.

How Much Similar?

It is a common question which is asked by merchants who operates through online sites. The possible answer to this frequently asked question is regarding the similarities between Magento community and Magento enterprise. Both these versions are entitled to serve functions like customising sites, keeping a control over the look of the sites and managing online stores. You will find that Magento community, as well as enterprise, enables users to make use of web servers API for integrating with varied databases.

Why different?

The online retailers remain in a quest to know about the different features that they might obtain with the installation of any of the Magento versions as their prime motive is to earn the maximum profit and develop their sites. When we talk about Magento, it has developed with time and the Magento enterprise development offer users with lot more features in comparison to community version. Here is a list of differentiation that might help online retailers to choose the best for them.

Security:  The first and important difference between Magento enterprise and community is that the former lacks security features. On the contrary, the latter comes with advanced security features and it uses the PA-DSS software which is known to provide adequate security to your online sites.

Functionality: In terms of functionality the paid version offers you with a wide range of features like advanced segmentation, well-defined content management system, promotion or price permission and many more. However, the older version is devoid of such advanced features.

Cost: It is quite clear to the users that the version that comes with an advanced feature is costlier. On the contrary, the older version is free.

Therefore it can be concluded that a retailer has to choose the appropriate version in accordance with their demands and the size of their business. It is recommended to use community version for the small business and the enterprise version can be used by the retailers who are operating on a wider arena.

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