Numbers of people getting updated to smartphones are increasing at a tremendous rate. Smartphones have become more than a communicating device and became the best and trusted companion, the best form of entertainment and favourite shopping spot of most of the users. Yes, a smartphone with internet connection makes the whole world really small and bring it to the small screen of the mobile. Phones made with Google’s Android One Program are preferred by good numbers of mobile users when compared with the iPhone. Here are some of the benefits of using android phones.

Lot of loving choices

Android brings a lot of choices to select from. You can get the phone in the way you wish it. Do you need the phone with a screen that withstands several drops? Do you need a phone what works as the best camera? Do you search for a phone with a 4k resolution screen or a phone with normal features of the phone? Android bring everything you search for you in the phones and this is the beauty of android phones. The latest android phones come with easy to customize feature that help you make the phone exactly fit with your needs. People of Africa can now purchase the brand new collections in Maya phones which is the first ever phone manufactured in the country.

Easy customization

Different phone users have different expectations related to the appearance and functional excellence of the phone. Android phone provides a good store of customization features to make it look and work in the way the user needs it. Anything from the screen, skin to the keyboard can be easily changed with easy touches. Anything can be easily downloaded to the phone to make beautiful changes.

Better hardware

When you make a deep comparison between the Android and Apple, it is found that android seems to be faster and better hardware for the cheap price. It comes with several advantages over Apple, and android phones boast some impressive and impeccable specs apart from its unbeatable beauty. Some of the best features to point out include camera quality, more RAM, better battery capacity, higher PPI, and an octa-core processor.  There is no doubt that the latest android phones come with better hardware features that take the performance of the phone to next level. It is really a good idea to get one of the best smartphones that are manufactured locally to get the best in features for an affordable price.

Multitasking made so easy

Present smartphone user seems to be so busy with the phone whenever they get free time. Most of them open multiple apps at the same time and it is made so easy with Android phone. It is so easy to download any of the apps from Google Store and to arrange all of the apps on the home screen as you like. You can also open multiple apps in split screen window to work on both the apps at the same time.

These are only a few benefits in the long list. It is a wise move to buy android mobile of Mara brand that comes with loaded android benefits from Africa.

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