Social media has proven to have a direct impact on all aspects of digital marketing most notably search engine optimization. Yet, whilst a lot of people know the necessity of social media as a  marketing channel, many have also discovered how useful it is for SEO too.

For several years, ranking high in search engines was an effortless task. Some simple software and based on making keyword rich pages with mix and match information using article spinners would produce 100s of inbound links for a website. This procedure worked well for a long time, but is now dead and buried despite many people still selling this type of link spamming service.

Once the new Google algorithms started to detect spun content, the old link building methods that worked well failed to get any means of differentiating between content that website users making it much less valuable and in many cases negatively affecting people’s search engine results.

Social Media, on the other hand, has developed since then and has become widely identified as playing an extremely important role in SEO. These days SEO is all about being current, having good content, and making sure that content is circulated around the web.  

Essential aspect:   

A vital aspect of SEO is the principle of authority that means to the power of the site while ranked against other websites. Social Media adds this authority to websites. That means the site ranking should have social media and if sites linking to the ranking site also have social media, then this creates a network of powerful and authoritative websites that are all legitimate brands.

If the website is stronger, largely due to Social Media, you will see higher up in the search engine results, offering you fair search visibility and creating people more possibly to visit the site while they avail a search engine to get the kinds of products or services you provide.

SEO activities should be shaped using ranking signals with social media a solid tactic to be used. Also, the best quality content targeted at specific audiences is very important.

Looking at several on-site ranking indications, robots see social media as one of the main signs that a website has a legitimate purpose and brand behind it with content worthy of sharing on the internet. Sites such as Fastlikes have long known this, and their services have helped many websites increase their authority via social media.    

Authoritative and authentic:

Social media has an important role in SEO for a certain amount of time, as long as it stays succulent. That means those that use Social Media in their marketing visibility projects will need to commit to a constant campaign that never grows old.

Social media shares, likes and re-tweets shows a new and interesting message.

It is good content only that is talked and shared. Social media mentions show search engines which you are authentic, authoritative and which you have engaged visitors that like the content.

This must stop websites which syndicate content taking advantage by being improperly accredited like the real source.

Even in the latest content optimization platform, backlinks to a site is important.    

Content sharing:   

Compelled techniques by black hat are no longer very effective like when they were once, the highlight is today being kept strongly on natural backlink building, the type of backlinks which are produced because of content sharing on sites that like re-blogging or Pinterest.

If humans are not engaging with actively, sharing or talking about your content, the possibility is that they are not attracted because they do not see the content valuable or informative. If the content is of small or no value to the niche audience, in terms of ranking indications, this passes a powerful message to popular search engines.

So What Are The Key Take-Aways From This Article?

Both SEO and Social Media Marketing are good marketing tools, but what is a better option?

Social Media Marketing is more direct and obviously, Facebook is one of the most powerful. You can get your message across quickly to a large audience.

However, it involves having a large following. Another problem with this form of marketing is that it can be viewed as spam and blocked by the viewer. Your target audience can also just look past your ad without giving it a second’s notice. Also, you can use tools like Megri Social Media Stats Checker to review your or your brand current position on the internet,

SEO, on the other hand, demands more research and quality articles. This can take time and money, but it pays off. The fact is that by using good articles and keywords, you are placed at the top of a search. Your target viewers are already looking for your blog, store or business.

SEO allows them to find you. Unlike Social Media Marketing, which is pushing your product, SEO is subtler.

This may mean it takes longer to acquire visitors to your site, but they will be interested parties. Using both marketing methods wisely is also a good option. However, if you are looking for quality as well as quantity when it comes to visitors on your site, SEO is the better option.

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